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The Sun is the center of our solar system. It is a mammoth-spinning ball of extremely hot gases, energized by nuclear fusion reactions. Sun is the nearest to our Earth, and, in fact, without Sun’s benevolence, life in Earth could have never been feasible.

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The Core: It is the energy center. Heat and light on Earth is because of the Sun. The energy generated in the core travels towards the perimeter.

The Radioactive Zone: The energy first reaches the Radioactive zone where photons (light) convey the energy. In fact, for a photon to travel to the next layer, the convection zone, it takes millions of years.

The Convection Zone: Here, unlike Radioactive zone, the energy travels very fast. In the Radioactive zone, it is the photons, which transfer the energy, but in Convection zone it is the movement of Sun’s gases that conveys the energy outward. The gas at this layer bubbles and this bubbling effect is called “granulation” and can be witnessed on the surface of the Sun.


We cannot look inside the Sun. The solar atmosphere, which is visible, has 3 regions:

í The photosphere

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í The chronoshpere

í The corona

The light that we perceive as white is emitted from the Photosphere and this part of the Sun is seen by us. The other two spheres are also emitting white light and can be seen when the light from the Photosphere is shut, as seen during a Solar Eclipse. The different parts of the Sun emit electromagnetic radiation at different wavelengths. Gamma rays, Ultra-violet rays, X-rays, Radio wavelengths emanate from various areas of the Sun. The Solar atmosphere is exceedingly hot, that the gas has to be in a plasma state. Gas is changed with electrons and protons without any binding atomic nuclei. This influences strong magnetic fields that weave through it.

The Sun is not a serene and calm place. There is always an outburst of energy release known as Solar flares.


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